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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Nature Table

Golden, you are,
Golden sovereigns on your trees.
Golden guineas on your floor,
golden coins of leaves
that fall
for us to scuffle through
and rustle
and rattle
and hustle
and scrabble
and dabble
and paddle
as they fall
into an October carpet
which hides
our shoes.

~Elsa Beskow,
Around the Year

October is my favorite month, and in my opinion, the best month for a nature table.  Our little table could barely contain all the treasures we have been finding in the forest and around our neighborhood.  Dried corn, pumpkins, seed pods, nuts, and berries; we had so many special things we just had to let them overflow onto the shelf our table sits on.  And we couldn't resist including the little wooden mushroom house for the pumpkin fairies to live in.

While we were at it, we moved all our favorite books about Autumn and other seasonal favorites to the bookshelf.  Two dried and painted gourds from South America seemed to fit nicely with the harvest theme, so we included those as well.  The baskets below contain all of our little nature table figures for throughout the year.

Have a plentiful Autumn!

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  1. lovely!
    Ours is well and truly over the top this year! lol. We even brought home a bit of tree stump! Its on my blog if you fancy a look. but there is just so much to gather and enjoy that we couldn't leave anything behind! and it made a great home for the Michaelmas Dragons!