Welcome to Wood Nymph Way! I have created this blog with two intentions: (A) keeping our family and friends, many of whom live in lands Far Far Away, up to date with what we've been doing, and (B) as a tool to document and learn from our journey as a Waldorf homeschooling family. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out my resource pages on the right!

This is the Way We Shop!

Fun, fun, fun!  When we're not making our own toys, we shop at these great places!

A Child's Dream Come True
A Toy Garden
Paper, Scissors, Stone
Blueberry Forest
Bella Luna Toys
For Small Hands (this is a Montessori site, but there is a ton of overlap with Waldorf with many of their wonderful items)
The Wooden Wagon
Nova Natural
Magic Cabin
The Silver Penny (great tooth fairy gifts!)
Qwink! (really neat girls' clothing.  My own Etsy site.  Please pardon the shameless self-promotion!)