Welcome to Wood Nymph Way! I have created this blog with two intentions: (A) keeping our family and friends, many of whom live in lands Far Far Away, up to date with what we've been doing, and (B) as a tool to document and learn from our journey as a Waldorf homeschooling family. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out my resource pages on the right!

This is the Way We Craft

Here is a list of books and on-line resources for crafting and making art with your children (or for yourself)!

Magical Window Stars (book)
Toymaking With Children (book)
The Nature Corner (book)
Painting With Children (book)
Wee Folk Art (book)
Wee Folk Studio (website, blog, etc.)
Wee Folk Art (website)
Living Crafts Magazine (website, blog, patterns)
Coloring With Block Crayons (book)
The Creative Family (book)
The Candlemaker's Companion (book)
The Natural Soap Book (book. obviously.)
Felted Acorns (how-to guide, on-line)
Gnome Terrariums (how-to guide, on-line)
Make Your Own Modeling Wax (how-to guide, on-line)