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Monday, September 12, 2011

September Nature Table

Toadstools, toadstools
Beneath the trees
Turn your painted caps to me
My tower is tall
But still I see
Toadstools, toadstools
Beneath the trees.

~borrowed from Live Ed.

September is here, finally!  I am not a fan of summer and hot weather, so I always anxious to get going with Autumn.  And although the Autumn Equinox is not until the 21st, it is starting to feel fall-ish already.  Cooler, drier weather is settling in along with much cooler nights, perfect for snuggling under flannel sheets and puffy blankets.

Nature walks inevitably end with pockets full of treasures gleaned from the forest floor.  Mushrooms, seed pods of infinite varieties, and pretty leaves are always plentiful and bright with warm Autumn colors.

Our last walk yeilded an astounding variety of colorful mushrooms that, while not edible, were irresistable for collecting for our nature table.  It was also time to prune our little espaliered apple trees, so we had lots of leafy branches for our Apple Blossom Fairy to sit upon.

A word to the wise though!  Make sure to keep mushrooms out of reach of small children and animals.  Also, they only keep about a day or so indoors, so discard them once they begin to rot.  Otherwise you'll have a soggy mess, and possibly uninvited guests, such as worms or bugs that were on the mushrooms.  We found an army of little white worms that must have hatched from eggs laid on one of our mushrooms.  It was....umm....interesting.  Gross....but interesting.

Our September Nature Table

Our felted acorns on the top tier.
We made these last year, but will
be making more soon.

Our Apple Blossom Fairy in her little
nest of apple branches.  (We recycled her
from our May nature table!)

The gnome in his garden.  So many colorful
mushrooms!  I've never seen such a bright
purple one before!

For those of you who have never felted acorns before, here's the link to a nice little tutorial.