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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Tales and Other Resources

After finishing last night's blog post, I realized I had neglected to include some of the resources that have been valuable to me this Advent.  So here they are.  Also, please note that today at some point I will be changing the "This is the way we read" section below the posts to reflect current seasonal reading.

Winter-Wynstones Press.  An excellent source of inspiration for the winter holidays.  Songs, stories, and poems.  They make one for each season.  A must have!

All Year Round- Ann Druit. Another excellent book for celebrations year round.  Seasonal crafts, songs etc.  Great family resource.

The Festival of Stones-Reg Down.  Second in the series of the Tiptoes Lightly books.  Sort of a Chapter book, has lovely child friendly short stories of the winter celebrations as the characters celebrate them themselves.  A favorite of ours.

St. Nicholas Center-A website devoted entirely to St. Nicholas.  Information, stories, poems, and history for all ages.  Fascinating, and a tremendous resource!

Live Ed Homeschooling Curriculum-This is what we use as our main curriculum.  The Kindergarten Winter book is a great resource for this season's celebrations.  Can't say enough good things about Live Ed.  Love them!

A few good stories for this season (there are many more, but here's the short list!):

Hansel and Gretel (Grimm's)
The Star Money (Grimm's)
Pfeffernuse (found at the St. Nocholas Center website)
The Elves and the Shoemaker (Grimm's)
Mother Holle (Grimm's)
The Sweet Porridge (Grimm's)
The Story of the Advent Spiral (from Live Ed, but might be found elsewhere)
The Little Fir Tree (Winter-Wynstones)
An Advent Story (Live Ed, but might be found elsewhere)
Mary's Journey (Live Ed, but might be found elsewhere)
St. Nicholas (Winter-Wynstones)
The Cloak (Winter-Wynstones)

Happy Reading!

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  1. I'll be filing away some of these for when winter swings round us again. Living in the southern hemisphere and celebrating advent in the midst of summer present so many challenges but I so deeply appreciate the blog posts of my northern hemisphere friends.