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Monday, August 23, 2010

...and off to school we go...

Our much anticipated homeschool curriculum arrived today!  We will be using the Live Ed. Waldorf-based curriculum as a base for planning our activities.  Of course, we'll be utilizing lots of other resources as well.  The kids and I are so excited!  I'm going to take a week or so to flesh out our plans for our first block before we start.  As of now, our first day of homeschool begins on September first! 

It may seem silly to have an official first day of school for homeschooling but I am a former teacher, and my husband is in school administration, and S has really noticed the excitement that builds up to the first day of school.  I didn't want her to miss out.  In order to help her celebrate, we're giving her a schultute, which is a German tradition on a child's first day of school.  I'd like to mention that we are not German, but it's a lovely tradition, so we're borrowing.  We're filling it with traditional Waldorf school things like beeswax crayons, modeling wax, colored pencils, and maybe even a couple of little treats.  Of course, we don't want F to feel left out, so he'll get a couple of little treats too.

So this is one more thing I'm taking on in addition to the usual day to day caring for the kids, keeping house, and running my business.  We'll add this blog to the list as well, I suppose!  As if there are enough hours in the day.....  :)


  1. Right, because I needed one MORE reason to be online! :-) Just kidding, Cuz. What a great thing you're able to do for S and F!


  2. lovely...it will be fun to follow along...